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Matt Harrison Website Photo

Matt, Student of Life

“Truth stands on its own and stands up to criticism and scrutiny. You really can’t see the full picture without looking at it from different perspectives.”

21 Jan 2014
Devin Website Photo

Devin, Teacher, Father, Gay Ex-Mormon

Growing up Mormon Devin knew he was different. He had to face a difficult reality: he was gay. His church did not approve of his sexuality.

30 Nov 2013
Curtis Penfold Website Photo

Ex BYU Student, LGBTQ Ally, Feminist, Activist “My name is Curtis Penfold and I’m an Ex Mormon”

Curtis Penfold shares his experience as a BYU student who lost his faith.

16 Nov 2013
Richard Packham

Richard Packham, Teacher, Retired Attorney, Loving Father, Ex Mormon

Richard Packham is a well known figure in the ExMormon community. Along with his own website, he was also instrumental in the creation of the “Exmormon Foundation”, which holds a yearly conference.

09 Nov 2013

Tom Hopkins, Musician, Composer, Ex Mormon

Tom Hopkins, recently nominated for a Grammy in 3 different categories.

02 Nov 2013

“I’m a searcher, I’m a wanderer, I’m a filmmaker.”

Tyler Measom, Co-Director of the award winning Documentary “Sons of Perdition”.

27 Aug 2011

“My name is Jack and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Jack has experienced an incredible transition out of the church.

20 Aug 2011

“My name is Nick and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Nick lives in Provo Utah and left the church while working at the temple.

13 Aug 2011

“My name is Pamela McCreary and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Pamela is an actress, an author and a speaker.

06 Aug 2011
Emily Lacock

“My name is Emily Lacock and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Emily is a part of a campaign at Utah Valley University named “It’s Safe OUT Here” to promote respect and include people of all sexual and gender minorities.

23 Jul 2011
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