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“My name is Nick and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Nick lives in Provo Utah and left the church while working at the temple.

13 Aug 2011

“My name is Pamela McCreary and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Pamela is an actress, an author and a speaker.

06 Aug 2011
Emily Lacock

“My name is Emily Lacock and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Emily is a part of a campaign at Utah Valley University named “It’s Safe OUT Here” to promote respect and include people of all sexual and gender minorities.

23 Jul 2011

“My name is Kevin Millet and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Kevin’s journey has lead him to a greater love for life and others.

16 Jul 2011
Steve Lee

35 years of prayer couldn’t get rid of my homosexuality. My name is Steve and I am an Ex Mormon.

Steve attended “Ever Green” for 12 years, the LDS program for gay members. He is finally living an authentic life.

09 Jul 2011

“My name is Heather and I’m an Ex Mormon”

“I’m happier than I have ever been in my entire life.”

02 Jul 2011

“My name is Alex Stout and I’m an Ex Mormon”

Alex was a student at BYU and is now an atheist.

25 Jun 2011

“My name is Ariane and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Along with many other callings, Ariane served as a Relief Society President.

11 Jun 2011

Our marriage has survived a crisis of faith.

Erik and Shaunalei describe their marital struggles as Erik loses his belief.

04 Jun 2011

Guest Post: “My name is Eric and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Guest Post: Eric shares his journey out of the LDS church.

27 May 2011
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