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Stuart Mission Story

Filming in Utah – More Videos in June!

…meanwhile, enjoy a missionary story from Stuart.

21 May 2011

“This is how I discovered truth. My name is Chris and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Chris shares his discoveries about how to determine truth.

14 May 2011

“I’m proud of who I am. I’m happy, I’m gay and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Braden shares his struggles as a gay Mormon.

07 May 2011
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30 Apr 2011
New Order Mormon

“I don’t want to lose my family and I’m an Ex mormon.”

New Order Mormon: Someone who maintains cultural ties to Mormonism while not accepting some or all of its core tenets

23 Apr 2011
Maria and Henning

Maria and Henning Schnurr – We are German ExMormons

Maria and Henning, both from Germany, are expecting their first child.

16 Apr 2011

“Families are Together Forever. My name is Kerri Bodie and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

Kerri shares her understanding of the Mormon church teaching that families can be together forever.

26 Mar 2011
James Hill

“My name is James and I’m an Ex Mormon.”

James relates his initial anger resulting from what he learned about the church and coming to terms with his new life in a positive way.

19 Mar 2011
Jim Whitefield

“My name is Jim Whitefield and I am an Ex Mormon.”

Jim Whitefield is the author of 4 volumes of work titled “The Mormon Delusion”.

12 Mar 2011
Leavitt Family

“We are the Leavitt Family.”

After leaving the LDS church, the Leavitt Family has grown much closer and now enjoys their Sundays with family trips and activities.

05 Mar 2011
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